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Tarmac Driveway Wolverhampton

Tarmac Driveways and Carparks form about half of our work and as you’ll see in the GALLERY section, the jobs and clients are varied.We use a specially formulated tarmac designed for smaller areas such as driveways and pathways giving greater¬† elasticity reducing potential scuffing and marking and leaving you with a more durable tarmac surface and generally a higher quality finish.Tarmac can also be combined with block paving either as a border to the perimeter, a feature within the tarmac or both. Shaped to your own design or ours this leaves you with a very individual piece of work.

Tarmac Technical Information

The area is dug out to a minimum depth of 225mm depending on the type of ground (loose soil or clay).
The area is then filled with Quality Type 1 Stone to a depth of approximately 150mm. It is then machine-rolled until the stone is well consolidated, giving a stable and firm base for the top-surfaces.
50mm of base tarmac is laid and rolled.
Finally, 30mm of high quality top-coat is laid and rolled to leave you with a quality, long-lasting Tarnacadamed area.

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