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Bonded Stone Drive Wolverhampton

A paving system developed to provide an attractive, durable alternative to tarmac, paving or concrete, it has been designed as an overlay surface that transforms tired looking tarmac, concrete or paved areas, giving the appearance of gravel without the problems associated with loose stone. It can be used in a variety of areas including driveways, footpaths and car parks etc.
Colours are varied as we use Natural stones which vary from subtle creams to bold red granites.
Resin bound surfaces are highly durable surfaces, with a vast array of available aggregates and produces a stunning looking surface.


Resin bonded stone is an overlay treatment for unsightly existing concrete or tarmac driveways and other areas:
Cracks or damaged areas are cut out and made good, high spots or depressions are regulated using the relevant material – tarmac or concrete.
If required/necessary, the perimeter is edged.
All loose debris, moss and dirt is cleaned from the area to give an ideal surface on which to work. Concrete will most likely be sealed prior to the application of the stone bond.
Aggregate of your choice, and Resin are mixed in measured amounts using a purpose built ‘forced action’ mixer. It is then laid to a depth of between 15mm and 18mm (depending on the sub-base).
Finally it is hand-consolidated to the finished level using a bull-nosed trowel. Rarely are two batches of aggregate the same – leaving you with a very individual, long lasting surface.

Bonded Stone Wolverhampton Colour Swatch

A selection of popular aggregate colour blends.